BGC-IGC Consortium

BGC-IGC Consortium is one of the fastest growing and most diversified business conglomerates in Pakistan, which is local in origin but global in outlook with a strong international presence in the Gulf region and North America.
From real estate development to construction; education to technology; marketing to sales; retial to food; travels to automobiles; fashion to media, BGC-IGC Consortium is redefining the culture of business in Pakistan by setting unparalleled standards of integrity, commitment, professionalism and service delivery.
Blue World City is a flagship project of BGC-IGC Consortium. The community lifestyle project has been started with a view to provide a world-class lifestyle at affordable rates to the people of Pakistan including expat Pakistanis, living overseas. The project also aims to boost the tourism by establishing world-class tourist destinations including Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque, Rumi Square, Horse Mascots (world’s tallest) and Water Theme Park.
Driven by a passion to propel the national economy by creating opportunities for collaborations, entrepreneurship and employment, BGC-IGC Consortium is thriving on individual talents delivering beyond personal expectations in an organizational culture that is intently focused on collective growth.
BGC-IGC Consortium operates with a belief that private sector has to play its role in uplifting communities by supporting the government and undertaking its own initiatives to solve a multitude of problems being faced by the public in a developing country like Pakistan. Therefore, the group is playing its role in addressing the severe housing crisis in Pakistan through its Chhat Project which is a low-cost housing project for the working class, a chain of soup kitchens, education and healthcare initiatives as well as mass marriages for underprivileged families who cannot afford the cost of marriages.

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